Flaga Ukrainy na tle zachodzącego słońca.

How to help?

  1. Volunteer to help the local crisis teams organised by Homo Faber association, the city of Lublin and non-governmental organisations and private individuals if:- you speak fluent Ukrainian/Russian/Polish
    – you’re a professional Ukrainian / Russian translator
    – you are trained or experienced in providing first aid
    – you’re a graphic designer
    – you’re a psychologist
    – you’re a lawyerFill out the form to join the volunteers.
  2. Donate funds to help the victims of war in Ukraine:
  • HOMO FABER – account number: 93 1940 1076 3069 8598 0000 0000 , transfer name: “Ukraina”
  • POLISH RED CROSS  – account number: 16 1160 2202 0000 0002 7718 3060, transfer name: “Ukraina”
  • FUNDACJA “NASZ WYBÓR” – has been helping Ukrainians in Poland since 2014 – pomagam.pl fundraiser.
  • POLISH MEDICAL MISSION – Payments can be made via pmm.org.pl and Facebook
  • CARITAS POLSKA – account number 77 1160 2202 0000 0000 3436 4384, transfer name  Ukraina or send  sms to 72052 with the word“UKRAINA” in the message (cost: 2,46 PLN, including VAT).
  • UNICEF POLAND –  help children in Ukraine – Facebook fundraiser

If you work in an NGO or a non-formal group, fill out the
questionnaire to help us manage contacts and people in need of help. Applications are managed by Homo Faber.




See photos and accounts of civic protests and gatherings published by Kultura Enter.  That’s where you will find bona fide, verified information about the situation in Ukraine.

During this time of unprovoked, violent aggression by the Russian armed forces, we express our strong solidarity and friendship towards the Ukrainian people.

Each and every casualty of this absurd war grieves us. It is our firm belief that the inalienable rights of the Ukrainian people to freedom and peace will ultimately prevail and that the solidarity of the international community will stand firm in the face of the contempt and fury of the criminal Russian regime.

Dear Ukrainian Friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, we are very concerned about you. Our prayers and thoughts are with you during these darkest hours.

Glory to Ukraine!

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