Unique Items Market

Unique items market is a fair presenting the work of Lublin-based designers. The stalls feature unique, limited products created by local designers, artists, artisans, and creative entrepreneurs.

For this event, we invite “Lublin’s creatives”–creators, designers, artisans, artists and all those who make unique products and services.. We are not limiting the assortment to specific categories or sectors, we check their quality, originality and prioritise creators from Lublin. In the atmosphere of shared celebration, we show the residents of Lublin that our city is full of talented creators, often lurking on the Internet or apartments and studios.

Unique Items Market is also another attempt to map and network Lublin’s creative sector to better understand its needs and become better at supporting and promoting it beyond the local scene.

WHERE: auditorium, Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a, 2nd floor

WHEN: a selected Sunday in December

ADMISSION: it’s free for visitors; the exhibitors have to pay a small fee for the stall and they need to register in advance


Unique Items Market Team sprawunki@warsztatykultury.pl

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