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Instalacja artystyczna z kwiatów. Są podświetlone. Logo Nocy Kultury. Napis: 3/4.06.2023 Lublin

Night of Culture | 3/4 June 2023

About the Event

Can you imagine that for one night a forgotten alley in Lublin transforms into the most romantic corner of Europe, rivalling Barcelona, Venice, or Paris? Should concerts still be held on stages when we can hold them on the walls of historic houses or rooftops? Why go to the cinema when we can watch films under the stars?

Night of Culture (NoC) is a festival of endless surprises. Extraordinary things happen. It’s even possible to see places that disappeared from Lublin’s maps years ago. Visitors are spoilt for choice as there are hundreds of things to see and do, but time is limited. After all, it’s only one night.

Art revives forgotten or unknown places. Gates become light installations, squares and plazas turn into theatrical stages. Gateways become light installations, squares and plazas turn into stages, and the alleys of the Old Town surprise even their most regular visitors. Museums, galleries, and theatres stay open late. The festival’s programme consists of projects submitted by Lublin’s residents and friends, and festival productions created by Workshops of Culture in Lublin. Young people are a big part of both categories this year.


This year’s Night of Culture is part of the European Youth Capital. Lublin is the first city in Poland to become the European Youth Capital. The city was chosen by the international jury as the place to show Europe values that are significant to youth, to show their activities, and to direct attention to youth in all kinds of events. The European Youth Capital is a title awarded by the European Youth Forum for a period of one year. It’s designed to empower young people, boost their participation in decision-making and strengthen European identity in our cities. Additionally, it brings the energy and activity of youth to Lublin as a way to support the locals. It also promotes broadly understood young culture and youth activity on many levels. This means that this year’s festivals organised by Workshops of Culture will focus on youth.


When: 3 / 4 June 2023
Where: Old Town in Lublin
Free admission

Programme schedule: May 2023 at


03 - 04 June 2023


All Day


Old Town
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