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Songs of herbs | Part 6: Rue

Traditionals songs are often filled with nostalgia, yearning and hope of the people who arranged and sang them. Some words and images included in songs do not require explanation. Others we are able to understand fully only when we get acquainted with the symbolism of their respective elements. 

This time Ania Broda will tell us about rue, whose role in traditional culture was not limited to being a decoration of home gardens. Rue was put on the head of the bride, and garlands woven from this herb served as wedding rings. When it was said that a girl sows a rue, it meant that she waited in vain for her own wedding, becoming an object of derision over time. 

Keeping this in mind, we will listen to a song from Ruda Solska in Roztocze, with lyrics to which Ania has composed her own song. The girl in the song is sowing rue waiting for the appeareance of her beloved. Will we find out how the story ends? 

As you know, this year The Jagiellonian Fair focuses on herbs. We want to show you that these special plants are not just an important element of nature, but also culture. They are used as motifs in traditional crafts and visual arts, beliefs and songs.

And it is on this last topic that we will focus this time. We have asked Ania Broda, who uses traditional music in her work, to present interpretations of old songs that talk about plants.

What did komnopielka songs from Podlasie include? Listen for yourselves! 


When: Fridays (19 June, 26 June, 3 July, 10 July, 17 July, 24 July) at 14.00

Where: The Jagiellonian Fair Facebook

For whom: For everyone

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21 February 2024


14:00 - 14:30
The Jagiellonian Fair FB
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