The project aims at a long-term, interdisciplinary treatment of topics related to the city, with a particular focus on the public space. It is addressed to city enthusiasts, activists and everyone who wants to understand the mechanisms that affect changes taking place in cities.


The series of events concerns the city space in the literal sense, but also its mental and symbolic sites. The aim of the year-round open series of panels, workshops, walks and lectures is the analysis, exchange of experiences and good practices, and in particular, constructive criticism and broad research on the topic.

WHERE: Workshops of Culture in Lublin

WHEN: meetings take place more or less once every two months.

ADMISSION: free, some events may require registration.

Zdjęcie wykonane podczas Nocy Kultury, noc, ulica Starego Miasta, w dole tłum, pomiędzy kamienicami na wysokości drugiego piętra rozciągnięta instalacja artystyczna. Liny na których powieszone są kolorowe litery - rozsypany alfabet, świecą się.


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